The Weeknd & Selena Gomez: All HeThinks About ‘Is Her’ While Away On Tour

July 17, 2017

Distance makes the heart grow fonder! Even when singing in front of beautiful women on tour, The Weeknd can only think about Selena Gomez, has EXCLUSIVELY learned.

Fear of commitment? What’s that? The Weeknd, 27, is more than ready to leave his womanizing lifestyle behind and wife-up Selena Gomez, 24, as soon as possible! Now it’s just a matter of time before he proposes. “He hates being away from his true love for any length of time,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “Abel used to have lots of flings on the road when he was single but he was always a gentleman about it. He’d even order them breakfast in the morning and send them off with a bouquet of flowers!”

Wait a minute, that doesn’t sound like the same guy! We believe the gentleman part but the “It Ain’t Me” singer has completely changed his views on relationships. “The Weeknd even told friends that he hardly even notices beautiful girls at his shows anymore,” the source continues. “All he thinks about it Selena. His buddies would not be the least surprised if he’s going to pop the question soon. He loves women, don’t get me wrong, but ultimately he is a one-woman man now and it seems like Selena is that one woman.”

Maybe a tiger can change its stripes, after all! Many of the “Starboy” crooner’s songs talk about booty calls and late-night partying, but does that persona really translate into his personal life? Maybe it did, before Selena and Bella Hadid, but not anymore! Even when the pop stars aren’t in the same room, he can’t stop gushing over his leading lady over social media. The brunette beauty recently enjoyed a girl’s night with champagne at the same time as The Weeknd swooned over her beauty in Paris. Hopefully we’ll see a diamond ring on her finger soon!

HollywoodLifers, when do you think The Weeknd will propose to Selena?

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