The Mayor of the Alexandria City Celebrated the Ethiopian New Year ( Enkutatash)

September 11, 2017

Mayor of Alexandria Allison Silberberg Standing at the right Celebrating Ethiopian Heritage and Culture of the traditional Coffee Ceremony and the Breaking of the Ethiopian Bread -photo- Matt Andrea‍

Old Towne, Alexandria ( Little Ethiopia )-Ethiopians and their friends around the world celebrate Ethiopian New year every year on September 11th or September 12th depending upon the 13th month known as " Pagume " is a regular or leap year. Pagume  has 5 or 6th days. This unique ancient calculation of Ethiopian Calendar was coined as an advertisement to showcase the magnificent Ethiopian tourist destinations as " The 13th Month of Sunshine " by the former Ethiopian State Minister Lij Hapte Selassie Tafesse who passed away recently.

Little Ethiopia's cultural ambassador Matt Andrea appearing on the WLVS Radio Show of Celebrity photographer Patricia McDougall ' Listen Vision along with Little Ethiopia said the city of Alexandria worked hard with the Ethiopian community to have a very successful celebration of the New Year ( Enkutatah " on 9th of September and thanked those who personally follow thru the details of the program that included Little Ethiopia's ambassador Marta Ali, Regional program Director Cheryl Ann Colton and Art Commissioner Karen Laurie Thomas.

He told Little Ethiopia, A former peace corps volunteer, an African American Dancer who masters all regional movements put together a great group to entertain celebrants of Enkutatash.

According to a note sent to Little Ethiopia by Ali  " the  current and the former mayor along with Commissioner Thomas kicked off the celebration with a memorable speech and a wonderful Coffee Ceremony. The event was hosted by Alexandria City Office of the arts in collaboration with some Ethiopian community members and non profit organizations in DC Metropolitan area. "

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