The Ethiopian Beauty Queen is Back to the The United States From Her Hometown Jimma, Ethiopia

July 16, 2017
The Ethiopian Beauty Queen Ruhama Zewde Hayle, Miss Ethiopia USA 2016-17 stretching  her hands with the Ethiopian Flag of Green, Yellow and Red ( center) and celebrating Pan-African Victories of Adwa ( top left ) , Miazia 27 ( top right ), DC Emancipation Day ( bottom right ) and  United States Colored Troops ( re-enactors ) of the Civil War marching carrying a wreath -photo by Matt Andrea and Collage by LEDC

Washington DC ( Little Ethiopia ) — In a recent posting about the return of the Ethiopian beauty queen Ruhama Zewde Hayle, Miss Ethiopia USA 2016-17 back to the United States after she made an International trip to Africa and Middle East.  Hayle made her first overseas trip after she attended on May 5, 2017, the Miazia 27 Wreath-Laying Ceremony to Commemorate the Pan-African Victory Against Colonialism in the Italo-Abyssinian War of 1935-41. She joined Little Ethiopia's ambassador Kemi Faojutimi of Nigeria who placed a wreath infront of the African-american Civil War Memorial.  Abyssinia is the ancient name of Ethiopia and Washington, D.C. is the Sister City of Addis Ababa, 

The Queen since her inaguration have joined four ceremonies where Americans of African descent who fought for freedom in the American Civil War, and the Ethiopians who also fought for freedom at "Adwa 1896 " and during " World War II. ”

Miazia 27 ( May 5, 1941 ) is also the day Ethiopia's emperor Haile Selassie I returned triumphantly to his capital city after a 5 years of exile in England. He was back to his throne by the strong resistance of Ethiopian patriots and final help by the British government to weed out the Italian forces. Benito Mussolini's regime  killed 100's of thousands of people by the usage of chemical war, just one Italian general Rodolfo Graziani was responsible for massacaring over 30,000 people in 3 days when attempt was made to assassinate him on February 19, 1937.


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