Miss Africa USA Started Registering Ethiopian Beauty pageants for 2017-18

August 3, 2017
Ethiopian Beauty Queen Ruhama Zewde Hayle Miss Ethiopia USA 2016-17
 Ruhama Zewde Hayle stretching  her hands with the Ethiopian Flag of Green, Yellow and Red ( center) and celebrating Pan-African Victories of Adwa ( top left ) , Miazia 27 ( top right ), DC Emancipation Day ( bottom right ) and  United States Colored Troops ( re-enactors ) carrying a wreath -photo-Matt Andrea and Collage-LEDC

Washington DC ( Little Ethiopia )-In a brief statement sent to Little Ethiopia and Miss Africa USA 's photographer Ambassador Matt Andrea , the Miss Africa USA Pageant is receiving requests from Ethiopian Beauties from places like Utah and Texas to participate. The founder of the African pageant Lady Kate Ndi established the organization 12 years ago. Several Ethiopian contestants have joined her since 2011 in the greater Washington D.C. Metro region that included events in Silver Spring, Bethesda and the District of Columbia. Miss Tsige Hussein received the most photogenic award in 2011 and Miss Meron Wudneh became Miss Africa USA in 2014. Ndi has a established law and order in the African Beauty Pageant and power has been transferred without any kind of incidents or Coup d'etat .

The reigning Beauty Queen seen in the top 2 pictures , Miss Ethiopia USA , who returned from Jimma, Ethiopia recently has been found to be one the most dynamic representative of Ethiopian cause. She advocated her platform in the United States and the continental of Africa. She visited the White House in 2015 and met the senior adviser of former President Barack Obama, Valerie Jarett, met several U.S. representatives in Capitol Hill including Congresswoman Karen Bass, attended wreath laying ceremonies in front of the African American Civil War honoring African-American and Ethiopian veterans who fought for " Freedom " in the American Civil War, the Battle of Afdwa and Miazia 27. She also donated shoes to her homeland school through her non profit organization and currently working in putting together to send 1500 Backbacks to a school in Jimma.

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The Get out the vote Campaign for Miss Africa USA 2011 for Miss Ethiopia 2011 Miss Tsige Hussein-
Former Miss Africa USA Meron Wudneh, President Jakaya Kikwete and Lady Kate Ndi Founder of Miss Africa USA at a reception in Washington DC.-photo MAUSA
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The Ethiopian Beauty Queen  who became Miss Africa USA 2014-15 is surrounded by Beauty Queens who attended her coronation -photo-MAUSA

Queen Meron Wudneh Miss Africa USA and Mama Sara Obama, the Grand Mother of Former U.S. President on Sunday Nov 23, 2014 in Washington DC-photo-MAUSA
The Former Ethiopian Queen with African American Civil Rights Activist the Reverend Jessie Jacson (right ) and Forbes, the CEO of Forbes Magazine -photo-MAUSA

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