Ethiopian American Prominent Figure Who Actively Pursues Local Charities Receives An Award From " Tayitu '

November 8, 2017

Silver Spring, Maryland ( Little Ethiopia )-This coming Sunday, November 12, 2017 the Tayitu Cultural and Educational Center  will be celebrating those who are making a difference by supporting art & culture.One of the most promenant recipient will be  Ms. Ethiopia Alfred of Potomac MD. Miss Alfred is an active member of the Ethiopian community and one of few female philanthropists who relentlessly supports causes related to uplift the Ethiopian community and beyond. Little Ethiopia D.C. will take this opportunity to congratulate both Tayitu and Ms ETHIOPIA ALFRED in this happy occasions.

The 17 year old organization, Tayitu embarks  on a new phase to expand its operation with more upgraded and diverse services to the Ethiopian Diaspora community and it t is very important that the center gets the support it needs to help the Center succeed in its mission."

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