Ethiopia: Portraying Our Hospitality

October 4, 2017
Celebrating Cultural Magnificence-photo-file


On the global arena, the tourism industry is portraying an upward trajectory from time to time. Reports indicate that it is playing a crucial role for nation's socioeconomic and political uplift. In cognizance of this fact,apart from bolstering the sector's vibrancy in respective countries, different nations are forging ties and back scratching with others. As such, countries conducting researches on the benefits that could accrue from the sector,well organizing information and setting plans have turned beneficiaries. Starting from 1950, the time the tourism sector started resuscitating, the smokeless industry has been displaying unremitting success stories.

It is to be recalled that to buttress the country's tourism industry in a meaningful manner and augment the sociopolitica and economic benefits Ethiopia has established a National Tourism Transformation Agency and Transformation council.

In a peculiar way, as Ethiopia, aside from its natural wonders, has astounding historic and cultural attractions, it is galvanizing the attention of tourists and visitors across the globe. This amalgam of cultures as well is home to numerous nation ,nationalities and peoples . Also, different events accentuate its calendar. Its holidays registered as world heritages, cultural values and relics substantiate this fact. Specially, Meskel ,the finding of the true cross, Ethiopia got registered as world heritages stands out in attracting an influx of tourists.

It is not in recent times the event began drawing the global limelight but from the times of yore,the celebration began being marked. Across the nation and across the ages it has been warmly celebrated in religious and cultural manners. It is based on this fact UNESCO, 4 years back,in its 8th round Intangible Heritage Conference ranked it first among such heritages tabled for selection.

The Demera festivity which entails the ignition of a bonfire before a gargantuan gathering is the jewel of our festival tourism wealths. Success has crowned the unwavering effort made to make the festival a heritage of humankind. Yet, there is a lot to be desired. One of the advantages of the registration of the heritage in UNESCO's list is the event's activity and the general picture going viral on the Organization's Website thereby drawing additional attention.

Exploiting the favorable opportunity the country needs to promote its innumerable attractions. Many media outlets worldwide are pinpointing Ethiopia as one of the must-see countries. Specially in cultural aspects, they are throwing light on its being a sought-after country. Moreover one of the allurements that render Ethiopia a country that galvanizes tourist's attention is its having all sorts of attractions at a place. It is also a country that allows a touristic sojourn at an affordable price. To celebrate World's tourists day and to attend the Meskel's festival many tourists across the globe had come to Ethiopia this week. Efforts were made to extend their sojourn and visit to additional touristic spots across the country. Citizens and all stakeholders had played due role for the peaceful completion of the festival displaying Ethiopia is indeed a hospitable land.

Following the recognition that the country is favorable to a touristic sojourn the number of tourists is snowballing by the year as those who see things firsthand play an ambassadorial role in drawing attention to this wonderland. Many of the tourists were taken aback by the developmental thrust afoot in the country.

There is a call for forestalling any activity that could discourage such touristic influx. There is also a need for displaying all due hospitality to tourists that come to the country traversing different oceans and seas. If there are information gaps there is a call for addressing them. There is a call for churning out skilled and ethical guides too.


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