EDINBURGH 2017: BWW Q&A- Ethiopian Dreams

July 12, 2017
EDINBURGH 2017: BWW Q&A- Ethiopian Dreams

by Natalie O'Donoghue Jul. 10, 2017  

Tell us a bit about Ethiopian Dreams.

Two little Ethiopian brothers embark on an enchanted, dreamlike journey with the help of a mischievous lunar benefactor: the Man in the Moon! The brothers' dream of joining the circus is whisked into life, and in a strange and surreal night time world, they encounter other circus dreamers, who awaken the possibility (and eventually the existence) of a full-blown Ethiopian circus.

Why bring the show to Edinburgh?

This is our first time bringing a show to the Fringe and we couldn't be more excited! For artists and audiences alike, it's the most amazing and exhilarating place to be in August. And what we've got planned is so perfectly suited to the atmosphere of the Fringe, where the appetite for the exciting and eclectic is alive and thriving - we can't think of anywhere else it would be more at home.

What sets Ethiopian Dreams apart from other circus shows at the Fringe?

Ethiopian Dreams really is one of a kind because it's the very first bona fide Ethiopian circus to come to England. We've worked very hard to fuse Ethiopia's astonishing musical and artistic heritage with the acts and arts of traditional and contemporary circus to create something extraordinary and new. But although it's about the cultural roots, ties and traditions that set us apart, at its heart Ethiopian Dreams is a celebration of the shared dreams and joys that transcend cultures, continents, generations, and bring us together.

Who would you recommend Ethiopian Dreams to?

Anyone who loves to laugh, to gasp, to see things anew, with a child's wonder. Anyone who's ever dared to dream.

What do you hope that the audiences will take away from the show?

Hilarity, thrills, empathy for those seeking a better life, and the desire to wholeheartedly pursue their dreams.

Timings and ticket information for Ethiopian Dreams can be found on the edfringe website.

Source : Broadway World

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