The Power Behind " Celebrating The Cultural Magnificence " Speaks At the U.S. Congress And Also Celebrates Her Birthday

September 15, 2017
Blessed Coffee Co-Founder Sara Mussie ( left ) with her husband and Co-founder Tebabu Asseffa and Gretchen Hilburger, a friend and an admiror of the

Washington DC ( Little Ethiopia )-Recently the Minister of State who was famously known  as the father of Ethiopia's tourism, Lij Habteselassie Tafesse died and Ethiopians and their friends around the world mourned his death and paid tribute to him. He was such a giant whose great plans to expand Ethiopia's tourism was cut short  by a Military Coup d'etat. He was remembered for jump starting the Ethiopian tourism in the Era of Emperor Haile Selassie . He coined  the phrase “Ethiopia the land of 13 months of Sunshine. ” Here in the United States in the Down Silver Spring where there are huge Ethiopian business presence seen Little Ethiopia's Culture Ambassador Tebabu Asseffa coined the theme " Celebrating cultural magnificence " to establish the Silver Spring Ethiopian Festival on June 25, 2011. " Traditional Ethiopian dance, music, food, and interactive activities transformed the downtown Silver Spring promenade on June 25, 2011. " wrote Takoma Voice.

The magazine adds "  With the theme of the event, “Celebrating Cultural Magnificence,” the event organizers sought to honor cultural and economic engagement of Ethiopians in Silver Spring, promote local Ethiopian business to continue their economic development and raise awareness of Ethiopian culture in our larger community.Fashion shows included 35 models from the Washington DC area and six models from the Wub Abyssinia Fashion Group in Ethiopia. The shows featured designs by Markos, Betelhem, Hewan and Arada Wear. "

ZEthiopia News Paper quoting Assef wrote “This festival will bring the DC Metro area together to connect with the people, personalities and culture of Ethiopia,” said Tebabu Assefa, founder of the Ethiopian Festival. “Come dance with us! Come eat with us! Enjoy our music, our art and our passion for our heritage and community.” 

As the saying goes " Behind Every Successful Man there is a woman ." And that woman is Sara Mussie who is the Co-Founder of Blessed Coffee and a panelist at the U.S.Congress with Congressman Jamie Raskin.

Happy Birthday Sara and Keep On Doing What you are doing successfully. Little Ethiopia Expresses its gratitude to CASA ( the Congressional African Staff Association ) sharing the following press release.

Press Release

RSVP:  Devon Ombres (



Dear Colleague –

On Friday, September 15, 2017 at 12:00 p.m., in Room 2226, Rayburn House Office Building, with the U.S.-Africa Diaspora Business Council and Council Fire will hold a briefing on the Benefit Corporation for Africa Initiative.  This briefing will address the positive social effects that Benefit Corporations, for-profit businesses whose articles of incorporation declare a commitment not just to making money but to creating a specific “positive social impact,” are having on American society and commerce.  It will also address how these B-Corps can help create a paradigm shift with the assistance of first and second generation immigrant diaspora communities in building mutually beneficial business relationships with their countries of origin to help drive economic and social development.

The panel will include the following:

Introductory Remarks:

Congressman Jamie Raskin


Terry Seamens – Takoma Park City Council

Martha Negash – U.S.-Africa Diaspora Business Council


Peter Kovar – Former Department of Housing and Urban Development Assistant Secretary for Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs

Tebbau Assefa & Sara Mussie – Founders of Blessed Coffee, a profit sharing benefit corporation

Michael H. Schuman – Economist, attorney, and expert on community economics

Thomas Raffa – Founder of Raffa, P.C., a nonprofit focused benefit corporation

Sylvester Okere – United People for African Congress

Erastus Mong’are – StartUpAfrica, Inc.


I hope that you and your staff will have the opportunity to participate. Please RSVP to Devon Ombres in my office at


            Very truly yours,


            Jamie Raskin

            Member of Congress


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