All For One Association Received Vote of Confidence from Its Advisory Board and Team Leaders a Week Ago

August 7, 2017
President of AFOA Woizero Mulumebet Wolde ( right ) with Woizero Yewbdar Tadesse discussing their next move-photo-LEDC

Alexandria, Va. ( Little Ethiopia ) -The board of directors of the unique Association that was established in March 2015 had a special meeting with its advisory board members and team leaders on Sunday, July 30, 2017 at the Lincoln Senior Center in Alexandria, Virginia. The Association which was founded to help the Ethiopians in the Diaspora during the time of death to those who are residing in the DC Metro Area  is organized the same way like that of the ancient Ethiopian cultural practices known as " IDIR " of burying the loved ones by raising money for burial. In the existing tradition the money will be donated after death for the funeral but now it is collected through membership in advance rather than after death strikes a family member.

The emergency meeting was called by President Mulumebet Wolde on  behalf of her board of Directors because one member of the board  did not want to go along with the majority of the boards decision. He sent an email to all members of All For One Association highlighting his conflict and his decision to resign. The joint conference expressed their dismay of the member using emails of all member of the association to write about his personal conflict breaking the privilege he was given for an official use only. .

In short, it was a great day for President Wolde and the board of directors that all three bodies gave them vote confidence to the hard working leaders of the community who are volunteering their time and energy for free just for love of their community. Once the case was closed the leadership continued registering members for the association . They have now nearly 1500 members and shooting towards 2000 membership. Little Ethiopia will update our readers as we get more information from All For One including what can the public do to help in the growth of the great organization.

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