All For One Association ( ሁሉም ለአንድ ማህበር ) Celebrates Ethiopian New Year ( Enkutatash ) With The Mayor Of Alexandria TODAY

September 9, 2017

Washington DC ( Little Ethiopia )- Two year ago the publisher of this magazine was introduced to an Ethiopian group who were putting together an organization to help the Diaspora community solve the problem it faces every time a loved one passes away. Two  Executive Board members of  " All for One Association-( ሁሉም ለአንድ ማህበር )   met with Little Ethiopia and shared their plan of recruiting about 800 members who are residing in the Washington DC Metro area. Little Ethiopia published an article highlighting their community work under the caption " Die With Dignity."     In June 2015, they reported that they have reached 50% ( 400 members ) of their goal and an article was written about their success in the same month but we were recently pleasantly surprised to learn that they have passed their goal and they have now 1800 members and on their way to reach 2000.

Today, All For One Association will celebrate the Ethiopian New Year in Old Towne , Alexandria with the distinguished Mayor Allison Silberberg. The historic celebration is held in the 1 st U.S. President, George Washington hometown in Alexandria, Virginia.

If you Go :

Durant Arts Center

1605 Cameron Street

Alexandria, Va. 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

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