A Rising Ethiopian American Star of the Baywatch and Deceptive Cinemas met the Great Grandsons Emperor Selassie

August 4, 2017

Actress Ilefensh Hadera (left) posing with Prince Ruphael and Christian along their mother Princess Gelila Selassie-photo-LEDC

Silver Spring, MD. ( Little Ethiopia )-Last Friday on July 28, 2017  Ethiopian diasporas and their friends in the Washington DC Metro area gathered for a humanitarian cause in the downtown Civic Center Hall of Silver Spring, Maryland to support a non profit charity organization "  Inem Lewegene " clinics based in Ethiopia that help those who are in need of medical attentions in HIV/AIDS.

The publisher of Little Ethiopia had the great opportunity to interview two distinguished  guests who came to support in the fund raising efforts of a New York based African Services Committee founded by Asfaha Hadera. The guests were Emperor Haile Selassie I's twin great grandsons, Princes Christian & Ruphael. 

Why they were there and what it means to them to be at the event ? and they told Little Ethiopia the importance of standing with those who are working on behalf of Ethiopians in need on the ground back home 

and they want to contribute to causes close to their heart. 

The event Host and  the charity Patron the co-founder of Blessed Coffee Tebabu Assefa introduced the celebrity guest Ethiopian-American actress Ilfenesh Hadera who came  to support her hardworking father who works tirlessley supporting 5 clinics in 5 different Ethiopian towns. 

Adding to their remarks, the princes said " To raise awareness of the ongoing crisis that is affecting  the country, we have to band together and come up with not just a temporary solution but a permanent one that will help lift up the spirits of our people. Our generation has to wake up and contribute in any way they can by lending their voices and speaking up on ways we can help our fellow brothers and sisters. " 

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